The forgotten achievements of a hero

The plight of Dalit communities of India nowadays is nothing but the serious ramification of emergence of the unscrupulous politicians like Mayawati and other pro-executants of the appeasement politics. Amidst all the unnecessary shrill being produced by these self-proclaimed representatives of these communities what we actually forget is to have a look at the real Dalit leaders and their countless endeavours to eradicate the real obstacles interrupting the growth of Dalits.

One name that shines intensely is of none other than Babu Jagjivan Ram. The history of Indo-Pak war of 1971 that prompted the creation of a new nation named Bangladesh is long touted in a ridiculous way only trumpeting the administrative abilities of then PM Indiira Gandhi. Before proceeding further let us remind ourselves that Jagjivan Ram was at that time the defence minister of India who according to an official statement of Bangladesh, “had an  excellent grasp of military strategies” and “was an able administrator”. “It was Jagjivan Ram who made sure that the requirements of the three Services: manpower, weaponry equipment and infrastructural facilities- were provided, as far as possible.” The same bulletin reads.

Describing him as a war hero who was instrumental in the 1971 liberation war against Pakistan, Bangladesh govt honoured him in Oct 2012.

Again in 2014, he was awarded prestigious ‘Friend of Bangladesh’ award.

As we cite a prominent historian of Bangladesh Quazi Sajjad Ali Zahir :

“Babu Jagjivan Ram’s role was fascinating.  He used to visit training camps set up for Mukti Bahini fighters in Northeast India. He was solely responsible for co-ordinating between the then Prime Minister’s Office, Home Minister and the Defence Forces.”- he wrote.(Source-newsminute)
It was Babu Jagjivan Ram who pronounced before the war that Pak won’t be allowed to seize even a single inch of the sacred land of India & India is not going to return what we seize from the Pak. Sadly “Shimla Agreement” came in his way of fulfilling  the second promise but still his role was much bigger than that of Indira Gandhi (Among Politicians since I am not talking about our brave Jawans who fought in the war).Last but not the least, he was the one who started many schemes for welfare of the families of those who fought in the war. The onus was on Congress Party & Dalit leaders to recognise his works but it is misfortune of the Dalit community that his own party is responsible for obliterating his memories.



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